Gibson Pets

This page tells a bit about our pets, which are a major focus in our lives. We have no children, but have an active household regardless, full of frantic antics that we feel are just as amusing and lovable as children's (forgive us those parents among you who think that it is a poor comparison). In many ways, I think that our lives are ruled by our pets even more than many parents are by their children.


Eliot at the piano

Eliot was named for his obvious artistic interests. Quiet and introspective, he spends much of his time hunting on the porch, or in typical feline pursuits as shown below.

Eliot on the family room sofa

Eliot was acquired at the Vero Beach campus of the college where Randy works, Toni brought him home. She could not resist his (then kitten) appeal as he sat crying under an air conditioning unit on the side of a building. He is shown below relaxing with his pal Ali.

Ali and Eliot


Ali in the yard

Ali was named after Ali-baba because she was a little thief as a puppy. We acquired her at the Vero Beach Humane Society. Toni had wanted another dog ever since Randy's Siberian Husky, Sibi, had died. She had dragged Randy into pet stores and the H.S. many times, but still had not worn him down. Toni had spies at the Society on watch for any animal that might tip the balance and finally got a call that they had received 4 shepherd/husky puppies. Randy was lured to the H.S. "just to see them", but had already made up his mind that if they did get another dog, it would be neither large, hyperactive, white, nor a profuse shedder. As usually, he was dead wrong. Despite attempts to remain aloof by sitting in the far corner of the Humane Society's socializing room as Toni played with a couple of the puppies, his defenses were completely shattered when the all-white, boisterous, and eventually 55 pound canine came running across the room and sat as his feet with its most beguiling puppy gaze. Randy had no chance at all and Ali became a part of the family. She is shown below faithfully waiting by the front door for her favorite event, the arrival of anyone.

Ali by the clock



Answer to a life-long dream, was our next addition to the family, Ali's new sidekick - Watson. Despite their striking resemblance, they are not related. Waston is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. Toni had always wanted a Jack Russell and had begun a crusade to find one around the start of the year 2000. She finally found the one she wanted and parlayed it into her birthday present to make it difficult for Randy to refuse. Unable to deny her anything (especially when he knows that she's ultimately going to get what she wants anyway), he relented and Watson joined the brood. We were delighted that Ali took to him so well, which is a good thing because Watson hardly ever leaves Ali's side. They play almost non-stop, as you can see in the photos below showing Watson as a puppy.

Ali and Watson at play on lawn

Ali and Watson - Watson on back

Watson biting Ali's neck

Ali and Watson in living room


We lost Ali after a full and happy life of 14 years. Like many families, we thought that it would be quite a while before we went looking for another dog. And like many, we found that we were wrong. It turns out that Toni's actual life-long dream had been to have two Jack Russell's. Once again, she started her search for the perfect adjunct to Watson and planning her crusade to pursuade Randy to accept yet another hyperactive voicebox. Randy was firm, he was resolute, he was clear in his opposition to acquiring another Jack. Toni's crusade took about a week. A white female named Molly now rules the roost.


She is quickly being acclimated to her new home. Toni's favorite thing about her is her long white eyelashes.



Our smallest family member is Bonnie, our Parrotlet (or miniature Parrot). Bonnie might be small, but she has a big personality. She loves the sound of crinkling paper and shoftly chirps and tweats all day long. She is very attached to Toni and loves to be out of her cage and clowning around.


Well, that's our menagerie - at least for the time being. Life is never dull at the Gibson home.

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