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Free Video Tutorials on the Web

This page contains links to a variety of free video tutorials available on the Web. Some of the sites support themselves with advertising and through the online sale of software and services. But these can be ignored to use the free videos. Select from the choices below.

Windows 8

Windows 7

Video Tutorials about Windows XP by Randy Gibson

The following links on this page retrieve audio/video presentations created by Professor Randy Gibson about Windows XP. They are stored as Windows Media Audio/Video (.wmv) files. This data format "streams" its data, meaning that computers can start playing the presentation before they have been entirely downloaded from their source. The presentations can be viewed by a variety of "player" applications or browser applets that typically are already installed on most computers.

The links below should automatically run an appropriate player application on your computer and start the video after a brief delay. If the presentation does not start soon after you see its player program load on your screen, look for a button labeled "Play" (or simply Right pointing triangle) and click on it.

The tutorial videos listed below are in the most logical sequence for someone who has never viewed any of them before. They can be viewed independently, but were produced in the sequence shown.

Video Topic Duration
in Mins.
Windows XP Orientation 5.5 A basic orientation to using Windows XP.
My Computer Orientation 8.5 Shows how to use the "My Computer" utility program in Windows to access storage folders.
Data Access Methods 6.5 Describes the two major approaches to accessing data on a Windows-based computer.
Program-Oriented Access 4.8 Describes the "Program-oriented Approach" to accessing data on a Windows-based computer.
Data-Oriented Access 4.5 Describes the "Data-oriented Approach" to accessing data on a Windows-based computer.

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