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Upload a Digital Picture to your Blackboard Profile

If you do not have a digital photograph of yourself, either take a "[selfie]" with your cell phone or ask a friend to take a close-up picture of you with a cell phone or digital camera. The picture file can then be emailed to you and you can save a copy of the picture in a file on your computer. Name the file after yourself (eg. "me.jpg").

Digital photographs can require very large amounts of storage depending on their "resolution" (pixels per inch) and their "color depth" (palette of possible hues). Often, the massive sizes of picture files make them difficult to transport or attach to emails. If your picture file is larger than 100 KB (kilobytes), your should reduce the size of a digital picture file. Instructions to do this can be found on the web page HowTo: Shrink a Digital Photograph. Note that Blackboard prefers pictures that are approximtaely 150 pixels square.

Once you have the picture stored on your computer in a small file with a name such as me.jpg, then login to the IRSC Blackboard server and follow the procedure below.

Picture Upload Procedure for Blackboard:

  1. Find your name in the upper righthand corner of the window. Click it.
  2. If you do not see the words Personal Information in the drop-down menu, click or tap on Settings. Otherwise, click or tap Personal Information.
  3. In the new page that opens, click or tap Personalize My Settings.
  4. In the new page that opens, click or tap the circle in front of Use custom avatar image.
  5. Click or tap the Browse My Computer button.
  6. Use the Open dialog box that appears to locate your picture file on your computer.
  7. Click or tap the name of your picture file and then click or tap the Open button.
  8. Finally, click or tap the Submit button.

You can then return to your list of courses by clicking or tapping on the word Courses at the top of the Blackboard window.

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