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IRSC Student Email and Cloud Storage

Free Student Email Account

All IRSC students are provided with a free web-based email account and cloud storage area. This email system is named RIVERMAIL. It is provided in cooperation with Microsoft's Office 365 service. IRSC faculty will use this email account to send notices and important communiques to students. So you should know how to access this account and manage it. Note that your Rivermail userid (email address) and password are different from your MyIRSC login username and PIN (that are also used to login to Blackboard). Most students are assigned an email address built from their last name followed by their initials (from their first, then middle name). For example, student William Joseph Andrews would normally be assigned the email address of . Notice the "mail." in the address. It must be there. If there are two students with similar names (perhaps William Joseph Andrews and Wendy Jones Andrews), the second student who enrolled will be given a slightly altered email address such as to distinguish her account from the first one.

Here is a procedure that you can follow to find out your RiverMail address and then activate and login to your RiverMail account:

  1. Use any web browser to login to [MyIRSC]
  2. Login to your account using your Student ID and PIN number.
  3. After logging in, you should see the MYIRSC Mariner Online "Student Dashboard" page.
  4. Using the white-on-blue menu bar near the top of the window, select INFORMATION, then My Details.
  5. On the page that appears, you should see RiverMail: followed by your student email address.
  6. Write that down and select LOGOFF from the right side of the white-on-blue menu bar.

The following link can be used to login to an existing student account:


For more information about acquiring and using RIVERMAIL, read the [STUDENT EMAIL page on the IRSC website].

How to automatically forward messages from your RiverMail account to your personal email account

If you want to forward your RiverMail to a different email account, do the following:

  1. Use any web browser to open the IRSC Home Page at []
  2. Login to RiverMail (hosted by "Office 365") at: []
  3. To enter the "Outlook" (Email) section of Office 365, click on or tap the Mail tile:
    Office 365 Email Icon
  4. Click on or tap the cog shaped "Settings" icon on the white-on-black menu bar.
    Office 365 Cog Icon
  5. Select Mail near the bottom of the menu that drops down.
  6. From the menu on the left side of the window, select the choices: Mail, Accounts, Forwarding".
  7. In the textbox labeled Forward my email to:, type an alternate email address you own.
  8. If you do not want a copy of each message to be retained on the RiverMail server, uncheck the box below the textbox.
  9. Then click or tap on the SAVE button near the top of the window.
  10. To return to the Outlook (Email) section of Office 365, click or tap the Return from Option button:
    Office 365 Options Icon

Free Cloud Storage Using OneDrive® for Business

RIVERMAIL accounts include 1TB of cloud storage area named "OneDrive® for Business" (formerly known as SkyDrive), accessible from within the web-based email system. To see your free OneDrive cloud storage area, click or tap on the "Office 365" button on the button bar at the top of the screen. That will display the Office 365 Home page. On that page in the lower left side of the window, you should see a link reading Use OneDrive for free that can be used to access the 1 TB cloud storage area that comes free with your RiverMail Account. Click or tap on that link to open a window for the OneDrive App.

You can drag and drop files to or from the OneDrive window to other folder windows on your computer. Files that you want to share with other OneDrive users can be stored in the folder named "Shared with Everyone". For information about how to use this feature, read:


Getting Help on Using Office 365

You can access the Office 356 Help Index by clicking or tapping on the "?" icon on the white-on-black menu bar in your RiverMail window. To return to your Rivermail account window, click or tap on the "Apps" icon (as seen below):
Office 365 Apps Icon

That will display the list of Office 365 Apps. You should see a tile (similar to the one below) that can be used to access your RiverMail Account. Click or tap on that tile to open a window for the Mail App.
Office 365 Apps Icon

For your protection, when you are done, you should logout by clicking on your picture (a.k.a. the "user avatar") in the upper right-hand corner and selecting Sign out. Students are advised to explore and practice using these valuable resources now so that you will know how to use them when you need them.

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