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The steps to perform prior to submitting a project are:

  1. You will find it easier to locate and select files on your computer if your Windows "Folder Options" view properties are set so that the software does not hide the extensions such as ".txt" at the ends of filenames. Instructions for unhiding extensions can be found at the bottom of the web page about Windows® File Association.
  2. Projects that require the submission of more than one file or folder will typically require making a "compressed (zipped) folder" (which is actually a single file that acts like a folder). You can copy the project files or folders into it so that there is only one file to submit. For help creating a compressed (zipped) folder, read the web page at:
  3. Prepare the project file (or files and folders depending on the project) to be submitted and carefully note the drive letter of the storage device used to save them. Be aware that the drive letter assigned to USB memory sticks by Windows can be different on different computers and can even change on a single computer if the device is removed and reinserted. So be careful to note the path (drive letter and folder names) to reach your saved work. For help using a USB memory stick, read the web page at:

The steps to perform to submit a project using an Blackboard Drop Box are:

  1. Login to the Blackboard server at: []
  2. Open the shell for your course by selecting its link from the Courses list.
  3. Select Content from the lefthand menu.
  4. The next step depends on the course you are taking. For most courses (CIS 1000, COP 1830, CTS 2106, GRA 3758, etc.), students should click on the menu choice "Projects" in the Content panel. CIS 1000 students should instead click on the menu choice "Hands-on Activities". COP 2000 students should open the Assessments folder for the current module of study.
  5. Next locate and click on the title of your project (or assignment). This will open a Blackboard Assignment panel to submit it (along with any message for your instructor that you might choose to include).
  6. In the area labeled "1 Assignment Information", confirm that you are in the proper assignment area and review the assignment summary and directions to be sure that your work conforms to it.
  7. In the area labeled "2 Assignment Submission", click (or tap) the "Browse My Computer" button. A dialog box should appear, entitled "Choose File to Upload".
  8. Use the navigation controls (buttons and drop-lists) in the "Choose File to Upload" dialog box to navigate to the storage location of your work as noted in preliminary Step C above.
  9. Select the file that you want to attach. Note: You cannot attach ordinary folders. To attach folders or folder hierarchies, copy them into a "compressed zipped folder" (file) as described in step B above.
  10. After selecting the file(s) or compressed zipped folder(s) you want to send, click on the "Open" button. The "Choose File to Upload" dialog box should collapse revealing the Assignment panel behind it. Note: If you selected the wrong file, simply click (or tap) the "Do not attach" link on the line listing your file and return to the previous step.
  11. In the area labeled "3 Add Comments", type a message such as "First submission" and then include any comments that you want to in the text area.
  12. Finally, click on the "Submit" button. You should see the words "Submission Successful". If you have trouble, click (or tap) the "Submit" button and contact your instructor or IRSC eLearning Support.
  13. You will be returned to the "Content" page for your course. You can now logout or navigate away from it using Blackboard's screen controls.
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