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HOWTO: Attach a File to an Email (or Drop Box) Message in Angel®

The steps to perform prior to attaching a file to an email (or drop box) message in Angel are:

  1. You will find it easier to locate and select files on your computer if your Windows "Folder Options" view properties are set so that the software does not hide the extensions such as ".txt" at the ends of filenames. Instructions for unhiding extensions can be found at the bottom of the web page about Windows® File Association.
  2. The submission of more than one file or folder will typically require making a "compressed (zipped) folder" (which is actually a single file that acts like a folder). You can copy the project files or folders into it so that there is only one file to submit. For help creating a compressed (zipped) folder, read the web page at:
  3. Prepare the file (or files and folders) to be submitted and carefully note the drive letter of the storage device used to save them. Be aware that the drive letter assigned to USB memory sticks by Windows can be different on different computers and can even change on a single computer if the device is removed and reinserted. So be careful to note the path (drive letter and folder names) to reach your saved work. For help using a USB memory stick, read the web page at:

The steps to perform to attach a file to an email message in Angel are:

  1. Login to the Angel server at: []
  2. Open the shell for your course by selecting its link from the course list.
  3. Click on the Communicate tab at the top of the window.
  4. Click on the Quick Message link in the middle of the window.
  5. A new dialog box entitled Compose Message should appear. In it, click on the button labeled To.
  6. Another dialog box entitled Select Message Recipients should appear, in which you can select the recipient for your message as follows:
    1. In the Search textbox, you can search by typing a first or last name and pressing the Enter key.
    2. Use the Source drop-list control if you want to select users from a different course.
    3. The Quick Search area allows for listing of all members, specific teams, or by initial of first or last name. Just click on one of the letters or words to see a list from which to select.
    4. All users selected through searching using any of the methods above will appear listed in the area underneath the Quick Search area to allow for the selection of the specific recipients. The default is to list All course faculty, All course individuals, and All course students. Check the box(es) next to the desired recipient(s).
    5. IMPORTANT!: Click the To-> button to add the selected recipient(s) to the To field (on the right side of the window) for your message.
    6. To finish the recipient addressing process, click the OK button at the lower left corner of the window.
  7. In the "Subject" textbox, type an identifying label for your message. This is what the recipient will see listed in his or her Inbox when your message arrives.
  8. It is wise to attach your file now, before typing the body of your message, so that you don't forget to attach it before pressing the Send button. So press the Attach files link underneath the message area.
  9. Another dialog box should appear, entitled "Attach files" in which you should:
    1. Click on the Select button to access the Choose file to upload dialog box offered by your computer system. Use the navigation controls (buttons and drop-lists) in this dialog box to navigate to the storage location of your work as noted in preliminary step C above.
    2. Select the file that you want to attach. Note: You cannot attach ordinary folders. To attach folders or folder hierarchies, copy them into a "compressed zipped folder" (file) as described in step B above.
    3. After selecting (clicking on) the file(s) or compressed zipped folder(s) you want to send, click on the Open button. The second dialog box should collapse revealing the first one behind it, with the name of the select file listed in the text box left of the Select button. If you want to select additional files to be atached, click on the Add button and go back to the previous step. (When sending more than one attachment, you must click in the checkbox in front of each filename before perfoming the step below.)
    4. IMPORTANT!: Now click on the button labeled Upload File and wait as your files are sent to the Angel server. When the transfer is complete, the Attached files dialog box should collapse and you should see the selected file(s) listed in the Attachments area in the bottom left corner of the window.
  10. Now you can type any message that you want sent with the attached file in the large textarea in the middle of the window.
  11. Finally, click on the Send button. You should see the words "You message has been sent." flash on the screen and the Compose Message dialog box will collapse. You will be returned to the Communicate page in Angel. You can now logout or navigate away from it using Angel's screen controls.
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