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COP 1830 - Practice Exercises

This page provides a table of practice exercises that students can perform to solidify concepts introduced in the reading or to develop experience in web authoring. Students from prior semesters who are looking for the table related to chapters in the earlier course's Virtual Textbook should read the Legacy Exercises page.

These exercises are not assessment instruments and have no direct impact on student grades. They are simply learning opportunities to give you hands-on practice. They can be helpful preparation before doing one of the course projects. If you are unable to perform an exercise, you should contact your instructor or a [Computer Science Department Tutor] for guidance.

Before doing an exercise, you are advised to perfom the other study activities in the related Blackboard module. Afterwards, select the exercise by clicking on its title in the righthand column below.

Module Exercise Topic / Objective
1 [A - Web Authoring Preparation]
2 [B - Making Your First Web Page]
3 [C - Producing a Simple Website]
[D - Producing a Simple Web Form]
4 [E - Using CSS to Control Web Page Presentation]
[F - Using CSS to Affect Element Presentation and Positioning]
5 [G - JavaScript Basics]
[H - JavaScript Functions]
[I - Scripting Logical Control Structures]
6 [J - Scripting with Objects from the HTML DOM]
[K - Validating Form Data with Scripts]
[M - Making Navigation Menus with CSS]

PATH: Instructional Server> COP 1830> Exercises>