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CIS 1000 Assessment Study Guides

All assessments (quizzes and exams) in this course use questions selected from a question pool provided by the author of your textbook. The study guides linked to this page summarize the chapter content upon which the questions are based. "Unit exams" cover collections of chapters as organized below. To prepare for a unit exam, review the study guides for the chapter quizzes listed under that unit exam.

Before taking any assessment, review the Assessments Section of the CIS 1000 General Notes page.

Study guides are posted on this web site in the form of Adobe® PDF files. To view one of them, click on the link(s)) in the list below related to the chapter(s) that you are studying. If you want to print the guide, be sure to use printer control provided by the reader program (that is displayed inside the window) rather than using the browser's print command.

Select from one of the following study guides:

Exam 1 - Chapters 1-3:
Chapter 1 Quiz
Chapter 2 Quiz
Chapter 3 Quiz
Exam 2 - Chapters 4-6:
Chapter 4 Quiz
Chapter 5 Quiz
Chapter 6 Quiz
Exam 3 - Chapters 7-9:
Chapter 7 Quiz
Chapter 8 Quiz
Chapter 9 Quiz
Exam 4 (Proctored Final at IRSC Testing Center) - Chapters 10-13:
Chapter 10 Quiz
Chapter 11 Quiz
Chapter 12 Quiz
Chapter 13 Quiz

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