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CIS 1000 - Research Project

One of the requirements for successful completion of CIS 1000 is to write a research paper. This activity serves the following purposes:

Students should select a topic related to computers or information technology and try to limit its scope so that they can accomplish the work within a few weeks. Acceptable topics may include specific types of hardware, software, activities or sociological issues related to data processing. Topics that have been discussed in class are often acceptable, provided that your research goes beyond the material presented in your textbook and class lectures. Topics accepted in the past have included: various hardware devices, artificial intelligence, robotics, viruses, privacy, computer crime, computer gaming, and application of technology in: agriculture, automobiles, law enforcement, medicine, music, etc.

You may want to browse some of the topics and Internet resources found by past students. If you chose to do your report on any of the topics listed there, you will not be allowed to count any of the previously used resources as one of your three required resources, although you may certainly refer to them in your report.

The focus of this activity will be on research methods and the knowledge derived from that research. Students are strongly advised to take advantage of the free tutorial, writing support and feedback resources available through the college's [Smarthinking] service described and accessible via the prior link or on the [Student Life] page of the IRSC Website under the Learning Support section. If you need help connecting to it or using it, use the [Smarthinking Support Home] page, which offers Live Chat and Telephone support.

The following criteria must be met regarding this project:


Regardless of presentation format (written or oral), all presentation materials (documents, outline, audio/video files, etc.) must be submitted no later than the Research Deadline posted in your section's Course Schedule (accessible through either the or the Syllabi and Schedules page of the instructor's web site). Login to the and use the assignment submission link labeled "Research Project" under the Contents page to attach your RESEARCH.ZIP file.

WARNING: Be sure to keep a copy of all work that you submit to protect against loss.

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