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CIS 1000 - Hands-on Activities

The purpose of the hands-on activities in this course is to foster learning of course content. Each activity relates to concepts discussed in your textbook or in supplemental reading. In face-to-face (F2F) sections of the course, the instructor will lead students through the steps of an activity. Online students, or students who miss the class meeting which a hands-on activity are performed, are welcome to perform the activities on their own computers, but many of activities will require the use of the Windows operating system found in IRSC computer classrooms and labs. Students might find that it is easier to perform a hands-on activity in one of the IRSC computer labs under the guidance of one of the Computer Science Lab Assistants.

Feel free to ask for guidance if you are uncertain about how to proceed on any activities. They are intended to be interesting and instructive, not frustrating. Scoring will be based on how effectively it appears that students have mastered the related concepts. Work submitted past announced deadlines will have points deducted. Remember that all activities must be completed to the satisfaction of your instructor prior to the final exam for you to pass the course.

Some of the links at the bottom of this page retrieve separate Adobe® PDF files containing instructions for each activity. If you are unfamiliar with PDF Files: Retrieval and Printing, then follow the link in this sentence to read about them and then return to this page.

Specific submission instructions detailing required filenames to be used in each activity can be found on the assignment web pages (see links below). Local employers repeatedly tell us that they need employees who will consistently follow instructions precisely. Therefore, your activity grades will be affected by how well you follow instructions. If you do not understand any part of given instructions, contact your instructor.

Students typically create files or folders during their activities on a USB storage device. You should periodically make a copy of your work somewhere else (such as on your home computer) to protect yourself from the loss of your portable memory stick.

Each assignment shall be submitted via the , using a "drop box" (a project submission page similar to a web-based email system) listed under the Hands-on Activities folder, which is accessible from the lefthand navigation menu. Step-by-step directions for preparing files for submission and for using drop boxes can be found at:


For students taking the class over the Internet only, each assignment is due by 11 PM on the day that it is scheduled as due. For face-to-face (classroom) students, each assignment is due at the start of the class meeting on the day that it is scheduled.

Activity Instructions

Click the appropriate link below to download a copy of the instructions for each activity.

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